Gallery - Boynton Canyon
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With an afternoon to spend in Sedona (one of our favorite places on earth), we decided to spend it hitting the Boynton Canyon Trail (one of our favorites of all time).  It is such a great hike and this was our second time to do it.  It didn't disappoint!  Click here for the official slideshow from our first trip.

The scenery is great--subtle and ever changing, but very "red rock country".  I love taking pictures of the trail and the sequence below really shows the varying landscape along the trail as it starts in the desert and heads back into the protected box canyon before it ends.


The views of the red rocks are always changing.

Part of the trail rises above the Enchantment Resort

I love the manzanita bushes with the red and white trunks.

Trail - starts out in the arid, scrubby desert

Trail - goes along through the junipers and manzanita

Trail - as views of the back of the canyon increase so do the trees

Trail - before long oak trees and changing leaves take over

Trail - well into the forest the tall pines show up

Trail - as the canyon walls narrow the light disappears

Ruins dot the walls if you look closely or know where to look.

As we neared the end, the sun was setting and the moon rising
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