Saguaro National Park - Rincon Mountain District, AZ (November, 2011)

The desert southwest is one of our favorite areas and nothing typifies it more than the saguaro cactus.  The cactus is an amazing plant and an iconic symbol for the American desert and for Arizona.  And what better place to spend some time out among the saguaros than Saguaro National Park

While we were in Phoenix we wanted to get in some hiking but weren't really able to tackle the big peaks in the area.  I've been Saguaro twice now but both times to the western district.  So we decided that it might be a nice little day trip to hit the "cactus forest" in the eastern district of the national park which sits on the southeast side of Tucson.  (For my slideshow on the western, Tucson Mountain district, from 2007 click here.)