Restaurants, Chicago (July, 2011)

Chicago is hands down my favorite city for food.  Chicago has it all, high-end places and lots of original variety.  From one-of-a-kind places on in River North or The Loop to local places in the neighborhoods, you'll find something to write home about.  Part of our objective this trip was to eat ourselves into oblivion!  We succeeded!

Our first stop, in fact we made two that trip, was Gino's East for Chicago-style, deep dish pizza.  In our opinion this is the better of the two well-known spots (Gino's & Giordano's).  The crust is better and they always seem to be nicer.

Either place the wait is nuts.  In the summer it is usually an hour, but it can grow to 2 around prime times.  Well worth it though.  And, trust the server, the pizza is filling!