Gallery - November, 2002
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View of the backside of E-Rock

Backside view across Moss Lake

The dome from the front of Echo Canyon

We rappelled off of one of these boulders

Jordan on his first rappel.

The rappel is into "Cave-In"

Mel heading down the rappel route

Don enjoying a chance to free-rappel

Kyler in the Echo Canyon area

Navy Route provides great 5.7 climb

Kyler on his first climbing opportunity

Kyler topping out!

Jordan working his was up Navy Route

Don on the same route; part of Motorboat Rock

Melissa stretching for a handhold

Ryan spread out on Navy's tougher start

Panoramic view from Rappeller's Rock area

Panoramic view of E-Rock across Moss Lake

Closer panoramic of E-Rock's backside.  Note climbing area in and amongst boulders

Kyler, with his new headlamp, reading in an Austin hotel room after "lights out"

Photos taken with a Kodak DC290 digital camera.
Edited with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and stitched with Canon PhotoStitch 3.1.