Gallery - December 2004
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Enchanted Rock slideshow, click here.)


Enchanted Rock viewed from the bottom

trail between E-Rock and Turkey Peak

Southeast side of

view north from Turkey Peak

Southeast side of

slabs of granite near the bottom of the dome

Freshman Mountain viewed from Turkey Pk.

Jordan rappelling down a face on Turkey Peak

Lynn on the same rappel

Ryan on a rappel belay

Kyler climbing on Turkey Peak

Don at work setting up the rappel ropes

interesting lichen growing on the granite

the Canon A70 has an incredible macro option

multi-colored lichen patches

trail on the east side of E-Rock

"watch dogs" keep an eye out

Layla dress for the occasion

a small pool on the backside of E-Rock

Frog Pond, near Turkey Peak

Sandy Creek from Turkey Peak's SW side

one of our tents below Little Rock

clouds and a full moon from our campsite

nighttime at
campsite #45

a nice warm campfire

more of the macro capabilities of the A70

illustrative park map

360 panoramic view from
the top of Turkey Peak

same panoramic with
labels of landmarks

Photos taken with a Canon PowerShot A70 digital camera.
Edited with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and stitched with Canon PhotoStitch 3.1.